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In this podcast episode I talk about stunts I have performed and coordinated, my love for horses and how I have dealt with fear.

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Behind the scenes on River City

Behind the scenes on River City

September, 2018

What a night of drama in Shieldinch! Take a look at how the River City team made it all happen.

Coverage about my work with Jacqueline Leonard on River City Explosion

Jacqueline on Shieldinch Drama

August, 2018

"I can't believe my stunt double isn't dead after blast." Actor admits she was blown away by latest scenes...but not as much as expert stand-in.

Unarmed combat fight stunt

Kate Bowen’s Starter for 10

September, 2017

Starter for 10, offers aspiring theatre-makers a funded residency of £2,500 to help them develop their skills, networks, or explore a new idea for a piece of theatre.

Interview with Confetti Student Magazine Wire

24 Hours with Abbi Collins

July, 2015

Having worked on TV shows & films such as Misfits, Harry Potter, Shaun of the Dead and The Wrong Man’s, we caught up with #IW15 guest, Abbi Collins.

Showreel of Stunt Co-ordinating

Behind the Scenes Showreel

August, 2014

A showreel of how I have achieved a great deal of success working to low budgets and can offer more dynamic and ambitious action sequences with greater financial scope.

Abbi Collins has joined the Poldark crew

Joining Poldark

May, 2014

Leading stunt professional Abbi Collins has joined the Poldark crew as stunt co-ordinator. Actors and horses, plus a film crew are a recipe for disaster unless a good, safe horse is supplied, along with a knowledgeable teacher and horse master.

Doctor Who Confidential

Doctor Who Confidential

July, 2012

A behind the scenes look at how the stunts with the giant claw were done on Episode Oods and Ends, covering Planet Of The Ood.

Staging swordfights


July, 2009

Actress Kate Burdette (Isabelle) and stunt co-ordinator Abbi Collins (a veteran of Skins and Doctor Who) discuss staging the swordfights.

icould Career Stories

icould career stories

January, 2009

Career Advice on becoming a Stunt Coordination, Stunt Performer and Horse Master